Fandor- Watch Award Winning Movies on Android

 Fandor- Watch Award Winning Movies on Android

Normally we all love to watch movies. Not only the movies from our native country, but also from every part of the world. especially we love to zest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Moreover, we like to relish award winning movies also. Now in accomplishing this desire you can take the help from the nice app Fandor.

Fandor is available for all most all Android devices including TV. You can easily install on your TV using Filelinked, Play Store or by using Amazon App Store. Support all most all TV boxes including chromecast, Firestick, Shield TV, and more.

What is Fandor?

From the title itself you can get an idea that this app is all about streaming videos. award winning movies are providing by this streaming service for you. you can have an uninterrupted joy of watching movies through the app. Always there is something you love to watch. You have to select from the vast collection of movies stored in the app. If you locate in US or Canada, you can easily enjoy this service.

This is not free. you have to pay a price to enjoy this service. But it is very less when compared with its content and its ability to provide an undisturbed service without ads popping up. You can subscribe to this app and either you can select the monthly subscription or yearly subscription. If you choose monthly subscription, it costs about $10.00 and if you go for yearly subscription then it is $90.00. Select the best plan for you. but remember to try the 14-day trial period before paying for it. Feel free to cancel the plan if you do not satisfy about the app.

You can try this app on your Android phone. Use your favorite app store like AC Market or Play Store to install Fandor on Android phone.

Features of Fandor

The service has a huge library of movies from every corner of the globe. Bollywood, Hollywood and movies from many foreign countries are here. The library is getting updated every day. So, you will find new things to watch in each day. There is something for all of us no matter what our mood is. Select the best movie to watch to fix your mood. Each of these movies are handpicked ones by the humans. So, you will love most of its library content for sure.

Not only movies but also documentaries from the whole world are there for your preference.

You can have this nice app or service in all your Android devices. This also supports to Google Chromecast also. Use your big screen on the smart TV to have a splendid experience of watching movies with all your family members.

You also can review on your favorite movie and share it with your friends also.

Do high definition movies or 4K content does not play smoothly even after having decent internet connection? It is due to poor performance of your Android device. You can try using performance booster application like clean master to fix this issue. Clean Master is a completely free junk remover and performance booster.

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