How to know which pen is right for you?

 How to know which pen is right for you?

When you are setting out to find the best pen for you, it is necessary to understand the difference between inks. This can, however, play an essential role in helping you determine which one is the best pen for you. With the advancement of time, so many pens are available in the market that making one particular choice may seem close to impossible. It is for this reason that you need to be careful.

Every pen has its own benefits and disadvantages. Whenever you are choosing your pen, you need to choose something that will cater to all your needs. Some of the prominent pens that are mostly used, and their benefits and disadvantages include the following.

Ballpoint pens

Honestly, ballpoint pens happen to be one of the most used and popular pens. These are extensively used, and the ink is mostly oil-based. Compared to fountain pens, the ballpoint pens can provide you a cleaner and much better writing.

Whether you are a writer or an artist, the ballpoint pens can prove to be extremely helpful for regular use. These ballpoint pens are available in different tip sizes. Therefore, you need to make a choice depending on the tip you will be using the most. There are also ballpoint gel pens available in the market to help you flaunt your creativity. If you want to enjoy the same, you can check the 123ink ballpoint gel pens.

Some of the prominent benefits of ballpoint pens include

  • Smooth writing
  • Dries up easily
  • Ink lasts a long time.

Rollerball pens

If you are someone who likes to flaunt the luxury, then rollerball pens happen to be the best choice to make. These liquid inks are mostly water-based, which is why it contributes towards faster and smoother writing. One of the most prominent benefits of using rollerball pens is that it helps to create dark and thicker lines.

It is always recommended to use rollerball pens with smaller and thinner tips so that you don’t waste much of the ink. It quickly gets saturated on the paper since ink flows really fast as compared to ballpoint pen ink.

Some of the prominent benefits of using rollerball pens over the others include the following

  • Dries up easily
  • Creates a darker line
  • Available in different colors thereby giving you option for color selection

These two are some of the most popular types of pens available in the market. No matter what choice you make, you need to ensure that it fits all your requirements.

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