The Online tax Submissions: Is it very Hard?

 The Online tax Submissions: Is it very Hard?

The user interface is designed similar to a paper form, so that the work is easier for the user. It is further facilitated by all the hints we come across when we hover our mouse pointer over any field or area. Everything is explained simply, which can greatly help tax and accounting inexperienced users, and more advanced users can of course rule out this possibility.

How You Would Use it

  • The program does not have a built-in computer, but uses the one from the Windows environment, which is not the best solution. However, this is also the only shortcoming of the DZS solution, apart from the advertising banner at the bottom of the program, which is only visible on some tabs.
  • This year, for the first time in Slovenia, it will be possible to submit an income tax return electronically – unless something goes wrong again. So far, the most modern form available has been the use of some programs or tables with functions for calculation purposes only.

For the Programs

The programs, of course, help to calculate, and in addition, they help citizens who have little idea of ​​tax law – and the vast majority of them – to fill in the personal income tax return form correctly with explanations, help and advice. Despite the importance of these programs in recent years, when their use has increased, it seems that this year will be one of the last for them, as this year, for the first time, the Tax Administration will enable the submission of personal income tax returns via the Internet. We also took a look at the e-income tax solution when it was still being tested, and we expect it to actually start working on March 1st. The tax calculator  holds a very important matter.

This year’s reading of the solution for calculating personal income tax is the same as last year, so we have three dedicated programs like DZS, Miha Remec, Peter Malovrh), two spreadsheets program are not completely known to us, as the authors were unable to confirm whether they intend to include this year’s income tax scales in their solution, which had not yet been determined at the time of writing. 


Given that these are well-functioning products, we conclude that the new versions will be available before March, but before downloading the program from the web, still check which version it is. Be even more precise because of the differences in the naming of the programs although most of the new programs are marked 2004, you still meet the income tax return for 2003, so, for example, we recommend to view the last date of the correction of the website and of course the date of the last version of the program.


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