A brief summary of corrugated boxes

 A brief summary of corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are inexorably linked to sturdiness. They are made by inserting a wave-patterned sheet in between two layers of paper. This wave-like sheet is what is termed as the “flute”.

Owing to the texture of the paper, the box is designed to handle manhandling in any form. The flute absorbs the shock pressure when it is thrown against the ground. Cardboard is one of the most widely known forms of packaging with corrugated boxes taking the first place and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It is lightweight and yet robust, making it ideal for carrying almost any item, especially delicate products like glass that is prone to breakage.

How are they made?

It is the assembling of certain sheets that gives rise to a resilient box. In a nutshell, it’s the gathering of material that makes up a cardboard box. They are intrinsically designed to withhold manhandling such as crushing, bumps and getting thrown around.

The flute layer has a certain zig-zag like pattern which is adapted to keeping products firmly entrenched in the box. It is sandwiched between paper on both sides, a technique known as “fluting”. It is held together with strong adhesive, ensuring that the product is held in place without much scope for movement.

Brown and white cartons

White corrugated boxes have white sheets on either side of the brown corrugated paper. This can either be done manually or mechanically in big factories. The white paper acts as a canvass for printing information. In brown corrugated boxes, the printing ink is a lot darker so it can be visible. Printing ink works much better on white paper where the colors are brighter and true to its nature. On the downside, white paper is much more vulnerable to becoming dirty. During transportation, it gets moved around a lot and becomes messy. Brown boxes, on the other hand, retain the same appearance.


Corrugated boxes can be used for packing a host of items like household goods or electronic products. It can also be used for carrying delicate items like pottery and glass. Due to their stiff nature, corrugated boxes are highly durable and resistant to damage. It can absorb shock, moisture, vibration, etc. They can also be used to carry foodstuff like pizzas, ice-cream, and vegetables. Companies like Netpak are dedicated to serving companies with all the intricacies that come with packaging like box material and print design.

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