How To Teach Children Photography

 How To Teach Children Photography

I always say that a photographer is one (or that one) who, among other things, has the ability to see what others do not see. To see a great photograph where others see a wall with a shadow, to see the potential of lines that escape to the horizon, to chase mirrors, to throw themselves on the ground, to climb onto benches or to get excited when finding a good natural frame for your photos.

Teach Them How To Care For Photographic Equipment

Being responsible with what they are lucky to have and valuing the material they work with is the first step that we must teach children. The importance of not getting wet, not receiving blows, or keeping the equipment clean and in good condition, as well as not forgetting it anywhere, is the basis of confidence to be able to work with the most important object you need any photographer; the camera.

Teach Them The Basic Functions Of The Camera

They may start with a compact with different functions (automatic, macro, landscape.) In that case, explain what each of these automatic functions means so that you can choose depending on what you intend to portray. The depth of the explanation will not be the same for a three-year-old child as for a 10-year-old child. Don’t forget to also teach them that they can edit their photos automatically using

Hold The Camera Correctly

We have already discussed in the blog the importance of adequately holding the camera to avoid shaking. Adapted to a child (and some other adults with the Smartphone as well) will avoid:

  • Fingers in the middle of the frame (a classic not only for children)
  • Let the camera fall
  • Trepidations

Composition For Children

I am not very much in favor of intervening too much in the creative process of a child since they possess all the originality that innocence, intuition, and a lifetime apart from the corset clichés that we adults constantly drink and that both inspire and stifle our creativity.

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