Reasons Why Malta Company Set-Up is the Right Choice for You

 Reasons Why Malta Company Set-Up is the Right Choice for You

Malta offers a good business climate for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you will feel awesome being surrounded by individuals with a similar mind from across the world. You can easily make friends with people who are on the same path as you. Spending time with these entrepreneurs will help you learn a lot and become a successful entrepreneur.

Malta enjoys a decent climate. The sun shines almost every day on the island though it does receive lots of rain during winter. While living in Malta, you will have experience less of a language barrier. English is also an official language of the island. A 90 percent of Malta residents speak fluent English other than Maltese.  All papers, contracts, signs, food menus, or parts of the school are in the English language.

Low rate of social security

Social security is available to every employee and is ten percent of their salary. Social security also includes another ten percent of what the company pays. It means the effective rate of social security is twenty percent, including half of the employee’s share.

Minimal Expense Restrictions

Malta does not have a restricted policy regarding using your company’s money to pay for business-related tasks. For example, if you are traveling using your business errands, you will not be questioned to a serious degree. It means you can travel and work simultaneously and deduct lots of costs from your company, given that you are traveling for a business-related trip.

Low Crime Rate

Many people feel safe in Malta even when they are walking during night hours. Generally, there are very few crimes reported on the island. It is something that makes Malta a safe place to live with family.

It is not wise to form a Maltese company yourself even if you have plenty of experience of setting up a company in other countries. Malta might work differently. Therefore, it is wise to hire a reputable and experienced firm to have a Malta company set up faster and safer for you.

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